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Bet on a Bite

If a python has you in a death grip, would you bite it to save yourself?

My bet is that you would, just like this Kenyan man did.

Humans tend not to gamble with their lives :)

We have fangs too!

We have fangs too!


Relief you won’t believe

Which of the following world records would you bet is true:

A) 756 people lined up to use a public washroom in Brussels;

B) The longest time someone stayed on a toilet was 253 hours; or,

C) A man once excreted 1231 distinguishable jelly beans within one hour.

Check out the answer here!  The reason for the record is also very admirable :)

No royal flush here...

No royal flush here...

Bach is Back

The recent Youtube Symphony winners have inspired many.  In one particular case, it has even inspired a bet!  

Check it out here on Youtube as a violinist tries to prove he can get more good comments than bad ones from his viewers.

We love this spirit :)

May the (tuning) forks be with you...

May the (tuning) forks be with you...

Croc Magnet

One of the following is true:

A) Magnets alter a crocodile’s brain waves, tricking it into believing a mate is close by;

B) Strapping magnets to a crocodile will make it lose its sense of direction since they navigate using the earth’s magnetic fields; or,

C) Crocodile jaws have magnet like mechanisms allowing them to bit upwards of 5000 lbs/inch squared.

Which one would you bet on if say… the loser had to go feed a crocodile? :P  See answer here.


Croc Magnet

Croc Magnet

Coca Cowla

Just came across an interesting article on a group in India planning to launch a new soft drink made from cow urine! Check it out here.

Forget betting shots of vodka… a couple shots of these will do the trick :)


Cows graze in a snow covered field near the southern Bavarian resort of Kochel am

I Betcha…

Hi everyone!  I bet you that you are curious about what we do :)  

Well, we help keep track of and share social bets! If you bet your friend to a pie in the face that the capital of Australia is Canberra, we’ll help you keep track of it, tell your friends about it, and upload the video of the loser getting a pie in the face!

That’s it for now!  Follow us on Twitter and happy (responsible) betting.